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Charter Boat Insurance

Olson provides charter boat insurance for charter captains who need to protect their business yet still be able to make payroll. Best of all, charter boat insurance from Olson Insurance allows you to choose from a wide range of charter boat insurance providers. Learn More. Charter Boat Insurance

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Yacht Insurance

Olson Insurance is an expert yacht insurance provider. Founded in Annapolis, Maryland The Sailing Capital of the World, Olson is intimately familiar with boaters' needs and requirements for insurance. Power or sail. Learn More. Yacht Insurance.

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Driving + Distractions : Accidents

Distracted driving is downright dangerous! A new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that driver distraction is even more prevalent than previously thought: Distracted driving is the main cause of nearly
I percent of crashes and 65 percent of near-crashes.

Using a cell phone is the most common distraction. You are three times more likely to be in an accident if you dial a hand-held device (usually a cell phone). Other primary driver distractions include drowsiness and reaching for an object. In fact, reaching for a moving object is the leading distraction that causes accidents — you are nine times more likely to have an accident if you're reaching for something while driving.

Driven to distraction?

Check out these tips to avoid becoming distracted while driving. It could help you avert an expensive — and life-altering — accident:

• Don't dial and drive.
Unfortunately, cell phone usage by drivers has been increasing, particularly among the youngest (and least-experienced) drivers, ages 16 to 24. Yes, it might be hard to give up the habit of using your cell phone while on the road, but pulling over to place a call or letting your voicemail pick up calls could help save your life.

• Don't drive while drowsy.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can prevent drowsiness by listening to the radio or opening a window. Get a good night's sleep before you get behind the wheel. If you're planning a long trip, schedule regular stops and/or drive with a companion. Remember that alcohol and medications, such as allergy or cold remedies, can make you drowsy.

• Plan ahead.
Have what you need within reach before you hit the gas pedal. This way, you won't have to reach for items in the back seat or pick up stuff off the floor. Set your radio/CD and avoid adjusting buttons/ knobs while driving.

Let's make sure your Auto coverage is ready in case you're involved in an accident with a distracted driver. And imagine how much worse it could be if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured and you're not properly covered. That's why it's important to have full coverage for whatever you may encounter on the road.

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*Source: National Flood Insurance Program; FEMA.




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